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When you try out the Survival Frog's VIP Buyers Club, we'll send you a free Luci EMRG Solar Lantern. They're one of our top selling products and are sold for $17 on our website. But it's yours free when you get started with the VIP Buyers Club today.

Common Questions

Why Isn't The 15% Discount Applied On Today's Order?

Unfortunately our current website won't allow us to issue the 15% discount until after you have purchased the Buyers Club. To compensate for this, we are giving away a $30 water bottle and EDC carabiner. If your first order is less than $200, then the water bottle and carabiner should cover the difference ($200 order X 15% = $30). If your first purchase is more than $200, then contact customer support after your purchase and we'll issue a store credit for the difference so you get your full 15% discount on your first purchase.

Once you complete your purchase of the VIP Buyers Club membership, you will immediately be emailed login details and given your 15% discount code which can be used right away.

When are membership fees rebilled?

Depending on which payment plan you choose, your Buyers Club Membership will rebill the credit card on file on the same date as when you signed up (either monthly or yearly). We have two payment options; Monthly, or Each 12 Months. Although the fees rebill automatically, you are able to cancel your membership at any time and your discounts and benefits will continue until the end of your billing cycle. Call or email us anytime for a no-hassle, easy cancel.

Is the 15% discount available on all products?

Yes, all products we sell on can be purchased with the 15% discount and free shipping, including special sales and discounted items. One last thing… from time to time we may show you affiliate offers by other companies, but discounts do not apply to third party companies.

*Guaranteed Savings!

You will save money, or we'll make it right.

If after 6 months you haven't saved more money than your membership dues, we will credit you the difference. To calculate this we add up your 15% discount savings over 6 months and if that amount isn't more than what you paid in membership dues, we will issue a store credit for the difference. To qualify for this store credit, you must pro-actively contact us within 1 month of your 6-month anniversary. You are guaranteed to save with our VIP Buyers Club!

**Gold Level Access!

Means customers will be given exclusive access to a "member's only" area of our site containing special product pricing deals and extra survival content.

You Can Cancel ANYTIME

We make it easy to save, but we also make it easy to cancel.

At any time, you can contact us and cancel your membership. No questions asked and no hassles, just call or email us. The free Handwarmer is yours to keep.

Call or email us anytime:

Survival Frog LLC
Telephone: (800) 773-7737
2488 W 2nd Ave
Denver, CO 80223

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