Tornado / Hurricane

Basic Two Person Tornado / Hurricane Kit

Do you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes or Hurricanes? Among all other land based disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes have the potential to cause some of the most serious damage. Tornadoes can strike with little to no warning, at any time of the day (or night) and at any time of the year. Theoretically, tornadoes can occur anywhere in the United States. Both Hurricanes and tornadoes impose a massive strain on the infrastructure of the area they affect. They have a tendency to knock out power and affect the local water supply. Our basic tornado-hurricane kit will give you the essentials you need to survive the aftermath of a tornado. Click on the items below directly from this sheet, and the link will take you right to our website, where you can order the goods directly. Quantities listed are for two adults.


Water is essential to life, and without it, you’re not going to survive for very long. Here’s what you need:

Katadyn Vario Microfilter

In the immediate aftermath of a tornado, you’re going to need a small, portable, yet powerful method of filtering potentially contaminated water. The Katadyn Vario is the perfect tool for that job!

Bug Out

Tornadoes or hurricanes have a tendency to displace people from their homes, even if the home in question was unaffected by the tornado. Often, the area struck by a tornado or hurricane is uninhabitable for a while due to lack of power, sanitation, or other utilities.

Guardian Elite Tornado Survival Kit

We really like Guardian’s tornado survival kit. Packed in a rolling duffel bag, this kit contains food, water, and basic supplies for two people for 72 hours living in the aftermath of a tornado.

Power Generation

You’re going to need a method of generating power after a tornado or hurricane to charge vital devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers that should contain a critical store of important documents and survival information.

Duracell 600 Watt Power Pack

The Duracell 600 watt power pack is an excellent power on the go solution. Simply keep it charged when not in use, then grab it when you need it. It will pump out 600 watts of power for hours – enough to keep your electronic devices going. The best part is, you can operate this power pack in places where you can’t run a generator – inside your home.

First Add

The bug out bag we listed above contains a small first aid kit, but tornadoes and hurricanes can cause serious injuries. To keep you covered, we recommend an additional first aid kit:

''Hip-Pack'' Medical Kit 320-Pieces

Rapid Care’s 234 piece first aid kit will handle the vast majority of injuries sustained during a disaster. This is a quality kit you can rely on.


The basic bug out kit above contains an LED flashlight, but tornadoes and hurricanes can cause lots of damage and rubble. We recommend more lighting:

18 LED Headlamp

This powerful headlamp runs on three AAA batteries and you can wear it on your head while digging through rubble or searching for loved ones.


You need to know what’s going on during a disaster:

Kaito KA500 Voyager hand Crank Radio

This little wonder is a shortwave radio with built in NOAA weather alert. It never needs batteries, and is powered via solar power or hand crank. Perfect for keeping you up to speed.


Although the basic tornado kit above includes 72 hours worth of food, the ability to get more food after a tornado could be greatly delayed. We recommend stocking up:

60 Serving Entree Bucket

This sealed bucket contains 60 entrees designed for maximum nutrition. Simply add water and eat!