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Sometimes browsing a website full of products can be a little frustrating if you are just looking around and doing a little window shopping.

With so many quality products, sometimes the good stuff might be overlooked. So with that in mind, I thought I might give you a navigational beacon so to speak and hook you up with some of our best selling products.

Emergency Food

32-Serving 72-Hour Family Emergency Food Kit

Who says survival food can’t be healthy? This stuff is all GMO free, MSG free, trans-fat free, artificial sweetener free, and low sodium. Add to all that, this stuff stores for 25 years! A great kit to toss in the back of the closet and know you have 32 servings put back just in case.

Guardian Deluxe Food Storage Survival Kit

If you are looking for a more complete food kit, this one has many more components. We have food, but also pouches of water already on board along with filtration and purification tablets. There are also many more basic survival tools included that you might find useful.

3600 Calorie Food Bar

For compact, dense nutrition you can’t beat these emergency food bars. Good for one day of high activity or a couple days of being cooped up in an emergency, they are great to put into your BOB as a backup food source.

Emergency Water


With the LifeStraw you have no excuse for not having any water filtering capabilities. It is compact, inexpensive, only weighs 2 oz. and filters out over 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa including giardia. Plus, it filters up to 1000 liters - that’s 265 gallons!

Water Purification Tablets

An old BOB standby, the water purification tablet will kill the bacteria and giardia in any questionable water. Many people use these in conjunction with their filter just to be doubly sure they are drinking safe water.

55 Gallon Water Storage Bucket

Experts tell us we should store one gallon of water per person, per day if we plan to survive. These storage barrels are the perfect way to do it. They are made of plastic that won’t leach into your water. This kit also has the pump and preserver solution included.

Emergency Light

36-Hour Emergency Candle

This is a candle in a can. It can be stowed away in its protective can and brought out when needed. It has three wicks for different lighting levels. If you are frugal and burn one wick, it will keep going for a full day and a half.

Bug Out Bags and Survival Kits

72-Hour Survival Kit Backpack

This is one of the most useful 72-hour kits I have seen on the market. The contents of this kit directly address the needs of keeping you alive for 72 hours in the field. You have water filtration, shelter, fire, food, sanitation, first aid and communications all included. If I was buying a kit off the shelf, it would be this one.

Auto Car Survival Kit

Everyone who drives should have a kit in their car. This one is a great kit that will handle most situations, from a dead battery to being stranded in a snow drift.

4-Person Deluxe Survival Kit

This kit is built with the idea of living out of it for three days. It even includes pouches of water. The food is emergency food bars and there are emergency ponchos and sleeping bags for shelter if needed. The duffle bag lets you add gear to the kit for your unique situation.

Emergency Heat

Emergency Survival Blanket

This is the classic Mylar space blanket that will save your butt by cutting the wind and reflecting your body heat back to you. No kit should be without a couple of these inexpensive blankets.

Portable Stove w/ Fuel Tablets

I’m not a huge fan of camp stoves, but this little stove is just the ticket when you want a smoke free way to cook your meal in the field. The price and compact design make it perfect for including in any kit you are putting together for yourself. I know from personal experience the tablets themselves will help you get a bigger fire going in harsh conditions.

Emergency Health

Ebola Masks - N99-Rated

These may be called “Ebola Masks”, but they are far more useful than just worrying about Ebola. These N99 masks are very effective against viral agents in general. If you are prepping for any type of sickness disaster, these are a must.

Potassium Iodate Pills

Another classic survival item. With the risk of nuclear exposure, who can afford to be without some basic protection? It works by flooding your thyroid with iodine so your body will not absorb the radioactive iodine during any kind of nuclear event.


Paracord in general is a wonderful item to stock up on. You can use it as is or take the inner strands out and have several smaller cords along with the outer sheath to take care of most of your cordage needs.

Parcord Grenade

A survival kit in a key fob. You get 9 feet of paracord along with a 10 piece mini survival kit. The carabiner lets you use it as a key fob, or just clip it to your day pack, belt loop or BOB.

Patriotic Paracord Bracelet

10 feet of paracord dressed up in the old red, white and blue. Lets you be patriotic and prepared at the same time.

Paracord Cobra Survival Belt

If you only feel prepared with a bunch of paracord, check out this belt! 128 feet that you can carry around your waist at all times. Never go anywhere without it.

Miscellaneous Emergency Items

Secur Mini Auto Emergency Tool

The Secur Mini Auto Emergency Tool is a lightweight tool that's designed for two purposes.

Dynamo Radio Flashlight 4-in-1

The Dynamo Radio Flashlight 4-in-1 is one of the most valuable tools you can own for both survival, and general outdoor use. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this survival tool is it never needs batteries since it generates power with little more than a simple hand crank.

6-in-1 Survival Shovel

If you want a small, compact shovel that serves multiple functions, this is it. From digging to chopping and sawing, this thing can get the job done. I like the addition of the saw, as it is handy for many camp chores.

Backup Energy Powerpack

A portable power system that allows you to carry 110v, 12v, and USB power sources with you wherever you go. It will jump your car and has an air compressor built in. This would be an investment in your emergency power requirements.

As you can see, we have something useful for everyone. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is plenty of other gear for all of your prepping needs. Bookmark and come back often.