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Basic Two Person Starter Kit Of Survial Essentials

Let’s face it – every disaster or emergency situation, whether natural or manmade is going to be different. From earthquakes to forest fires, from floods to ice storms, the items and gear you’ll need to survive are very diverse, mainly dependent on the nature of the disaster. Still, there are some core essentials that are applicable to all disasters, and you should keep these core essentials on hand at the very minimum. We’ve prepared a great starter list of essential items that will allow you to hit the ground running the next time an emergency situation occurs in your area. While these items are not disaster specific, they most certainly represent an excellent starting point on your preparedness journey. We’ve put a lot of thought into this kit to make sure you’re ready to face whatever may come; we’ve designed the basic kit to last you 72 hours. Click on the items below directly from this sheet, and the link will take you right to our website, where you can order the goods directly. Quantities listed are for two adults.


Water is essential to life, and without it, you’re not going to survive for very long. Here’s what you need:

Potable Aqua

50 Water purification tablets that will render 25 quarts of water safe to drink.

55 Gallon Bulk Water Storage Kit

When you’re looking ahead to the future you know an ample supply of water is necessary for a survival kit.


Once your basic water needs are taken care of, you need to plan for some nutritious and energy filled food to keep everyone going:

Mountain House 72 Hour Meal Kit

You’ll need one of these kits per person. Mountain House 72 hour meal kits are the ultimate in nutrition and convenience – each kit includes three breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners. No special preparation is necessary – just add water and eat!


Disasters of all stripes have a tendency to knock out power and heating systems. You can effectively deal with hot conditions using a few simple tricks, but for cold weather, you’re going to need some equipment:

36 Hour Survival Candle

You’ll need two of these. These amazing little three wick candles provide light as well as heat, and can effectively raise the temperature of small spaces to tolerable levels.

Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

You’ll need two of these. Mylar sleeping bags are designed to reflect and retain up to 90 percent of your body heat, meaning you’ll stay warm even if it’s freezing cold.

First Add

You never know when injuries could occur, so it’s best to have at least a basic first aid kit to be able to respond to minor injuries:

''Hip-Pack'' Medical Kit 320-Pieces

Rapid Care’s 234 piece first aid kit will handle the vast majority of injuries sustained during a disaster. This is a quality kit you can rely on.


Being able to see at night and navigate the darkness caused by lost power is essential. You don’t want to have to rely on battery powered lights – hand crank is the only way to go here:

Super Bright 9 LED Mini Flashlight

These lights provide up to two hours of ultra bright LED lighting with just 60 seconds of hand cranking, and never need batteries – perfect for an ice storm or blizzard.


You need to know what’s going on during a disaster:

Kaito KA500 Voyager hand Crank Radio

This little wonder is a shortwave radio with built in NOAA weather alert. It never needs batteries, and is powered via solar power or hand crank. Perfect for keeping you up to speed.