Food Stockpile

Basic Six Month Food Stockpile

A great way to stockpile food is to simply buy more of the foods you already eat whenever you go shopping. This method takes a little bit of time, however, and the foods you pick aren’t always perfectly adapted to long term storage. How would you like a turn-key food storage solution that would last two people for six months, with the minimum of hassle? That’s what we’ve come up with on the list below, and not only do the meals taste great, they also will last much longer than conventional foods. Click on the items below directly from this sheet, and the link will take you right to our website, where you can order the goods directly. Quantities listed are for two adults.


Before we get to the food aspect, remember that food is of no consequence unless you have water to go with it. Not only do the foods we selected for you require water for preparation, it’s also unwise to consume food without drinking water:

Royal Berkey Water Filter

The Royal Berkey water filter is an excellent long term water purification filter that can purify most any water, regardless of what contaminants are in it. This is a robust, lifelong water filter that will last you years of heavy duty use, providing enough water to go with your food stockpile.

55 Gallon Bulk Water Storage Kit

When you’re looking ahead to the future you know an ample supply of water is necessary for a survival kit.


Good survival food must have some inherent qualities about it: it must keep for a long time with minimal to no maintenance; it must be nutritious, it must taste great, and it must provide the necessary calories to survive.

Legacy Foods 1080 Serving Meal Kit

This food kit provides a staggering 1080 servings – 3 meals per day for two people, for six months. Legacy Foods survival meals are gourmet quality nutritious foods that are freeze dried, giving them a 25 year shelf life. With one quick purchase, you could have six months of food delivered to your doorstep! The food comes inside mylar pouches that are stored in sealed, stackable buckets, making storage a snap. Simply add water and enjoy some of the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten. Supplies about 2000 calories per day.