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The Ultimate Survival Flashlight For When SHTF

If an emergency situation occurs, you're going to need a survival flashlight that quickly and easily produces bright LED light so you can see your surroundings. Thankfully, this is one of the best survival tools for the job. This compact flashlight produces super bright LED light thanks to its CREE LED light bulbs. And, despite its small size, this tactical flashlight is incredibly durable - its impact resistant, waterproof exterior stands up to the abuse you put it through in an emergency situation while still helping you get home. Plus, with its easy to use the pocket clip and non-slip grip handle, you can comfortably hold and store this survival tool whenever you need. Keep this mini flashlight in your bug out bag, camping gear and survival kit at all times to be ready for anything.

Mini Tact LED Light Features:

  • Surprisingly Durable: Don't be fooled by its size; this mini flashlight is both waterproof AND impact resistant - meaning if you accidentally drop it on land or in the water it'll keep working and keep helping you survive any SHTF/emergency situation. 

  • Easy To Handle & Store: Its nonslip grip handle and the convenient pocket clip makes this the best survival flashlight out there for easy handling and storage. Plus it's so small this compact flashlight will easily fit in your pocket!
  • Self-Defense Advantage: Thanks to its crenelated strike bezel you can easily use this tactical flashlight for self-defense purposes if SHTF. 
  • Highly Versatile: This survival flashlight contains three settings (High, Medium, Strobe) to help you out in a variety of emergency situations. Whether you're shining its bright LED light in the dead of night, are using less light to conserve battery, or are using the strobe setting to disorientate an attacker, this compact flashlight will help protect you and light your way no matter what.

Mini Tact Light Specs:

  • Survival Flashlight Weight: 1.9 oz. | 2.7 oz. w/ battery
  • Survival Flashlight Dimensions: 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Survival Flashlight Modes: High/Medium/Strobe
  • Survival Flashlight Bulbs: CREE LED Lightbulbs
  • Survival Flashlight Lumens: 150 (actual)
  • Survival Flashlight Body: Aluminum Alloy
  • Survival Flashlight Power: AA battery (included)

This is by far the best survival flashlight to have on you in an emergency situation. Not only does it produce super bright LED light that illuminates even the darkest of nights, but this tactical flashlight also contains three different survival settings to use in a variety of crises. Plus, with its waterproof and impact resistant exterior, you know this survival flashlight will withstand tons of abuse and still light your way through thick and thin. 

This mini flashlight is a BRAND NEW addition to our online store, which means when word gets out we're bound to sell out FAST! Grab a few of these awesome survival tools to add to your bug out bag, camping gear, and survival kit before we run out of stock! 


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