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The BEST Survival Backpack For Disaster Preparedness

Need a solid hiking pack for your next trip to the mountains? Looking for a super durable bug out bag for storing your survival products once SHTF? This survival backpack is by far the best survival tool on the market for both preppers and adventurers alike. Not only is this bug out bag incredibly spacious, offering a cavernous 2,400 cubic inch survival gear capacity and six roomy, organized compartments, but it's also insanely durable AND comfortable, boasting padded straps, a cushioned hip-belt and crazy strong 600D polyester material with PVC lining. Whether you're carrying your hiking gear/camping gear into the great outdoors, or you've got to get out of dodge FAST once SHTF, there's no better survival tool for holding your gear than this incredible survival backpack. 

Bug Out Pack by Survival Frog Features:

  • Insanely Spacious: This hiking backpack is seriously the most spacious survival tool ever! With its top and front access points, as well as it's incredibly roomy 2,400 cubic in. capacity, you'll have plenty of space to store your survival gear, camping gear, AND hiking gear...with room to spare!
  • Conveniently Compartmentalized: Savvy preppers understand the importance of keeping your survival gear organized in case emergency situations occur. That's why this impressive hiking pack has six spacious compartments, each with an assortment of dividers and pockets to help keep your survival tools organized and ready for anything.
  • Ridiculously Comfortable: It's insane how comfortable this bug out bag is - even when it's chock-full of hiking gear, survival products, and camping gear! With the help of its padded straps and cushioned hip-belt, you'll be able to carry your survival gear for crazy long distances without feeling burdened by the weight.
  • Extremely Durable: Thanks to its heavy-duty 600D polyester material with PVC lining, you can be confident that this hiking backpack will withstand all the abuse that camping/hiking/SHTF can offer.

Bug Out Pack by Survival Frog Specs:

  • Bug Out Bag Style: Backpack
  • Bug Out Bag Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Survival Gear Capacity (L): 40 liters 
  • Survival Gear Capacity (cu. in.): 2,400 cubic inches
  • Survival Backpack Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.
  • Survival Backpack Waist Measurement: 56 inches
  • Survival Backpack Material: 600D Polyester with PVC Lining
  • Hiking Pack Access: Top and Front
  • Number of Exterior Pockets in Hiking Pack: 5 Pockets + Main Compartment
  • Hiking Pack Hip-belt: Yes – Padded
  • Hiking Pack Gender: Unisex

There's no doubt about it - this is the perfect bag for adventuring, emergency situations, and disaster preparedness alike. Whether you're using it as a hiking backpack on a week-long trek, as a bug out bag to prepare for SHTF, or as a general survival backpack to help you get out of dodge, you're going to love how its ample space, durable material, and comfortable feel help you organize your gear and prepare you for your next adventure. 

Like I said, this survival backpack is an absolute must-have for outdoor excursions and for disaster preparedness alike...which means hikers, campers, and preppers everywhere are going to be snatching these up left and right! Grab your bug out pack right now, before we sell out!

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