No Dentist No Problem. Relieve Tooth Pain Fast. 

The Emergency Deluxe Dental First Aid Kit was designed for anyone who encounters a dental emergency while far away from treatment. Perfect for anyone who's out camping, or in a place where dental care is inaccessible. This kit gives you the ability to help treat a dental emergency with ease, even if you're not a trained professional. The included guide was designed by a dentist and offers simple instructions to help you fix a dental emergency when a dentist isn't close by. Helps give you peace of mind while making dental emergencies much less painful in the process. 


  • Designed for Emergency Use: The kit comes in a sealed, sturdy carry case. Complete with sealed components, this case is perfect for the backpacker, boater, or if you're traveling overseas.
  • Long Lasting: All of the components have been designed to last up to 3 years before expiration. This makes it perfect to rely on in the future. * Denture repair liquid expires after 2 years.
  • Easy to Use: Because the kit is equipped with an illustrated repair manual, there's no need to worry about over complicated procedures. Simply refer to the kit and the supplies and you're set to go. Easy as 1-2-3.
  • Designed for Multiple Emergencies: The Deluxe Kit is perfect for toothaches, cracked dentures, cracked teeth, oral sores, braces, and many other common dental emergencies. No matter what you encounter this kit can help in some way.


  • (2) Temporary Cement
  • (2) Temporary Filling
  • (1) Toothache Drops
  • (2) Dental Wax
  • (2) Denture Repair Material
  • (4) Cotton
  • (1) Gauze
  • (1) Dental Floss
  • (1) Gloves
  • (1) Tweezers
  • (2) Sanitizing Wipes
  • An Illustrated Instruction Manual

Don't let the unbearable pain associated with a dental emergency leave you in misery. Pick up your Emergency Deluxe Dental First Aid Kit today and you've got your bases covered. 

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