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Equipment to Deal With Highway Hiccups 

The odds you’ll encounter a crisis situation while in your car are extremely high. Which is why a survival kit specifically for your vehicle is a great idea. Whether you’re dealing with a roadside breakdown, or end up getting stuck in a blizzard out in the middle of nowhere, this kit can help you out. Contained inside of a low-profile, durable container is a collection of equipment which could possibly help save your life. 


  • (1) 16-Hour Full Body Warmer. Designed to hold a consistent temperature of 133 degrees, this oxygen-activated warmer can keep you toasty even if the heat doesn’t work.
  • (1) 2000 pound rated, 10 foot section of tow rope. Get unstuck fast. 
  • (1) Set of jumper cables to help recharge a dead battery
  • (1) Bright, foldable, reflective triangle. Sets up on the side of the road to promote visibility.
  • (1) Canister of tire puncture sealant to rapidly repair damaged tires
  • (1) Plastic oil funnel
  • (1) Multi-Function survival shovel.
    • (1) Safety vest with bright reflective stripping to promote visibility
    • (1) 12-Hour emergency flashlight to promote visibility
    • (6) Elastic bungee cords to help secure loose automobile parts
    • (1) Roll of super-sticky duct tape for various automotive mishaps
    • (1) Tire pressure gauge to make sure tires meet minimum operating pressure
    • (1) Set of work gloves with leather palms to help keep hands warm and protected when undertaking repairs
    • (1) 37 Piece first aid kit w/pocket tissue pack that will help you manage minor injuries should you sustain them while on the road
    • (1) 4 oz. water pouch
    • (1) 400 calorie cherry food bar
    • (1) Multi-function auto flashlight

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    Comes with:

    • (1) Deck of playing cards
    • (1) Note Pad
    • (1) Wooden golf pencil  

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