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Safety Weatherproof Matches:

  • Extremely Easy To Light: These fire starters are crazy easy to use, even in a storm - simply strike the survival match against the top of the match case lid to light.
  • Absolutely Weatherproof: These are both windproof AND waterproof matches, allowing you to start a fire in any weather condition. The survival matches also come in a waterproof match case with strike pad for easy storage.
  • Long-Lasting: Each of these survival matches burn for a full 15 seconds, giving you plenty of time to start a fire for the evening. 
  • Waterproof Match Case Dimensions: 3.1" x 1.1"
  • Waterproof Match Count: 20 Weatherproof Matches
  • Weatherproof Match Power: Each Of The Weatherproof Matches Stays Lit For 15 Seconds
  • Weatherproof Matches Weight: 0.7 oz. Including Waterproof Match Case

Start A Fire No Matter What The Weather Is Doing

These survival matches are the best survival tool that's possibly ever happened to camping gear, bugging out and general outdoor gear. Not only are they windproof AND waterproof matches, but they also come in a compact waterproof match case for safe, easy storage. When the weather gets rough and all your other fire starters fail, you can depend on these survival matches to help keep you warm and signal for help. Keep one match case in your bug out bag with your other survival gear, and another in your pocket for constant disaster preparedness.

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