There’s a growing agreement in the scientific community. Experts across the country (and the world) are coming to the conclusion that many of the chemicals found in our water supplies are actually causing many of the common health problems we see here in the states (and abroad).

Many of these chemicals were added to the water for purposes of safety, without their true effects being known. Now, more than 70 years later, we know they’re harmful. But the problem is they’ve made it not just in to the public water supplies, but even into natural sources.

The Professional Water Quality Home Test Kit is a simple and affordable kit that will tell you what harmful chemicals you’re being exposed to. They’re good to test municipal water as well as well water supplies too.

This kit can test any kind of water source and lets you know the safety of your water supply with test results showing “danger”, “caution” or “safe” levels in under a minute flat.

The Water Quality Home Test will test for:

  • Chlorine – Chlorine helps kill bacteria in water. Too much chlorine forms trihalomethanes, and some trihalomethanes can cause cancer.
  • Nitrate/Nitrite – Nitrates/Nitrites are found in fertilizers and can seep into water. These chemicals in water can harm the development of children and are known to be harmful to adults as well.
  • Copper – When too much copper is present in water you can develop anemia, pancreatitis, jaundice, gastrointestinal problems and poisoning of the red blood cells.
  • Iron – Can stain or discolor clothing and fixtures.
  • Water Hardness – Can cause calcification in pipes that can eventually harm or destroy fixtures as well as hot water heaters.
  • Water Acidity (pH) – If your water is to acidic it could corrode pipes and expose you to dangerous lead. Too basic and it can cause scaling and damage to pipes. 

The PRO-LAB Professional Water Quality Home Test Kit will quickly help you figure out if any of these are problems for you and your water supply.

Inside are (8) individually wrapped, laboratory grade test strips. These strips will let you test the water 16 times.

Every single test has its own directions so you can determine what (if any) problems your water has.

You deserve to drink and bathe in water that neither harms nor stains. Get this water test today.


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