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Since the dawn of recorded time, the ability to use fire has been vital for human survival.

Most importantly fire provides you with both heat and light.

That’s exactly why survival experts recommended having a few candles on hand for emergencies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just putting together supplies for a survival kit, are preparing emergency back up light, or are interested in using candles for other purposes, you need at least a few on hand.

The Emergency Candles 5-Pack is your low cost solution to meet these needs.

Take a look at what these candles are able to do:

  • Provide up to 5 hours of high intensity flame and heat
  • Completely non-toxic so you don’t need to worry about inhaling toxic fumes
  • Will light in wet conditions
  • Strike strip is made to light in any conditions as well
  • Easily fits into most candle lanterns
  • Are 5" long and have a diameter of 11/16"

These candles are very affordable and are perfect for a makeshift survival kit

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