Clean Drinking Water On Demand With This Water Purifier

Millions of people depend on the LifeStraw brand to get pure water in a variety of circumstances. Because people wanted a compact and powerful water purifier for survival, camping, etc. LifeStraw recently introduced the LifeStraw Mission. You'll love the LifeStraw Mission because it makes getting clean drinking water as easy as can be. Relying on a gravity purifier the LifeStraw Mission is considered the best water purifier around for people desiring a long lasting, durable, and simple water purifier. It's the ultimate survival gear for anyone wishing to provide friends and family with pure water in a time of need.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier Features:

  • Easy To Use: One of the highlights of the LifeStraw Mission is this water purifier relies on gravity to clean the water. Simply fill up the 5 liter bag with the cleanest water you can find, strap it to a sturdy support and let gravity pull the water through the ultrafiltration membrane. It requires no batteries, no pumping, and has no parts to replace and has no problem helping keep you hydrated no matter the circumstances.
  • Extremely Powerful: The LifeStraw Mission is a water purifier, not a water filter. The difference is it eliminates even more of the dangerous elements found in dirty water. The ultrafiltration membrane has a pore size of .02 microns. This means it will get rid of:
    • 99.9999% of bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction)
    • 99.999% of viruses (>LOG 5 reduction)
    • 99.99% of protozoan cysts (>LOG 4 reduction)
  • Long Lasting: The LifeStraw Mission will last 18,000 liters (4,775 gallons) before the purification element needs to be replaced. The pre filters can be replaced at will and are great at keeping the unit running smoothly and safely for a long time. 
  • Safe To Use: The LifeStraw is an amazing piece of survival gear because it's been made with your health in mind. The 5 liter water purifier bag is made of BPA free plastic. And the LifeStraw purifier features a "dump pump" which helps to eliminate dirty water from the pump to eliminate the risk of contamination. 
  • Extremely Convenient: Another reason you'll consider the Mission the best water purifier is because LifeStraw focused on making the Mission convenient for everyone. One awesome feature is the 5 liter Gravity Purifier bag has a roll top to help secure water inside. This roll top also makes a great handle when you're hanging it for use. Not to mention the bag has built in sight windows so you can see exactly how much water is left inside. This eliminates guesswork entirely. Plus the hanging strap doubles as a shoulder strap which makes carrying it so much easier. And considering how quickly and easily it creates clean drinking water there's no beating it.

LifeStraw Mission Water Purifier Details:

    • Total Weight: 1.06 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 17" x 10,"  with hose extended 44"
    • Output rate: 2.4-3.2 gallons per hour
    • Material: Bag = 200 denier nylon with BPA free thermoplastic lining. Water Purifier = BPA free thermoplastic.

At the end of the day if you're looking for one of the most useful pieces of survival gear you could own the LifeStraw Mission emergency water purifier will foot the bill. With the power to give you the peace of mind your survival water needs are met as it gives you clean, great tasting purified water over and over again.

For every LifeStraw Mission you buy LifeStraw will help give a child in need purified water for a year.

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