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LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.)


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LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.) has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 53 reviews.

The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.) Includes:

  • 1 - Lightweight portable water filter with 2-stage water treatment
  • 1 - Durable 22 oz. blue water bottle

Portable, Advanced Water Filtration - Just Dip and Drink  

The LifeStraw Go Bottle takes their award winning LifeStraw water filter and wraps it in a transparent, durable water bottle, allowing you to use its powerful 2-stage water filter even when a clean water source isn't nearby. With the ability to transform dirty water into pure drinking water in seconds, the Go Bottle is the perfect survival tool for anyone needing clean water anytime, anywhere. This is probably one of the single most useful survival products you could add to a bug out bag or survival kit. When SHTF you'll be happy you have this incredible piece of prepper gear by your side! Grab a few of these awesome survival products from our online survival store now while supplies last!

To learn more about the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.) click the “Features & Specs” tab above.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.) Features: 

  • 2-Stage Water Filtration: The LifeStraw Go Bottle is new and improved with its 2-stage water filtration system. The system's activated carbon capsule reduces chlorine for up to 26 gallons of water (or 3 months of continued use). Better yet, the capsule reduces the water's odor, and bad taste, ensuring you taste nothing but delicious, pure drinking water with every gulp.
  • Long Lasting: This amazing prepper gear can safely filter up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters), giving one person almost a year's worth of pure water. This incredible survival tool is also made of durable ABS plastic, which means it can stand up to plenty of abuse when SHTF.
  • Lightweight and Compact: This portable water filter weighs just 5.9 ounces (168 grams) and is just 9.25 x 3.2 inches, making it the perfect prepper gear to add to any bug out bag or survival kit. You'll never have to worry about these compact survival products weighing you down!
  • Extremely Powerful: Using a patented hollow fiber membrane technology, this amazing survivalist gear is able to safely eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction), as well as eliminate 99.9% of parasites (protozoan) (>LOG 3 reduction) and fine particles (0.2 microns in size) to reduce turbidity. This water purifier is guaranteed to give you pure drinking water every single time!
  • Easy to Use: This awesome survivalist gear is both chemical and battery-free, so it produces absolutely no aftertaste. Simply submerge the water bottle in any water source, and then drink through the straw. You'll be guzzling down pure drinking water in seconds flat! It's that easy. This extraordinary prepper gear also uses a bite valve to help make drinking from the Go Bottle even easier. 
  • Large Storage Capacity: With the ability to hold 22 oz. of pure drinking water, this incredible survival tool will help ensure you avoid dehydration - no matter where you are.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration (22 oz.) Specs:

  • Water Filter Capacity: 264 gal.
  • Go Bottle Volume: 22 oz.
  • Go Bottle Weight: 5.9 oz.
  • Go Bottle Material: BPA-Free Tritan
  • Go Bottle Dimensions: 9.25" x 3.14"

This revolutionary water purifier makes it easy to have 22 oz. of pure water at your fingertips no matter the circumstances. This life-saving survival tool is a must-have for any survival kit or bug out bag! When SHTF you'll be happy you brought this incredible portable water filter along to save you from dehydration!

We've got a limited supply of these awesome survival products here in our online survival store. Grab a few for your bug out bag and survival kit now before it's too late!

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