Food storage is a great way to prepare you and your family for a possible crisis situation. But what happens when the crisis goes on longer than you expect and you come to the end of your food storage?

If you’ve prepared well, it means you’ll have the ability to grow your own food. That’s why you need seeds to grow your own crops. Being in the possession of an emergency seed pack is how you last even longer when your food storage disappears.

The Everlasting Garden Bucket is a lot different than the seeds you buy at your local hardware store. The seeds in this emergency pack are non-hybrid and non-GMO. They’re made specifically for survival and never see a single chemical.

The easy to use quick start guide makes it easy to plant and can help you yield ¾ of acre in high-yield, replant-able crops. All seeds are packed in a re-sealable packet that can store for 4 years at 70 degrees and much longer in cooler conditions.

Includes the following varieties:

  • (2822) Seeds Of Romaine Parris Island type Lettuce
  • (435) Seeds Of Bush Blue Lake Bush type Beans
  • (419) Seeds Of Detroit Dark Red type Beets
  • (2469) Seeds Of Golden Acre type Cabbage
  • (6702) Seeds Of Scarlet Nantes type Carrot
  • (750) Seeds Of Golden Bantam type Corn
  • (76,353) Seeds Of Marketmore type Cucumber
  • (445) Seeds Of Lincoln type Pea
  • (705) Seeds Of Sweet Yolo Wonder type Pepper
  • (882 )Seeds Of Champion type Radish
  • (81) Seeds Of Summer Zucchini Black Beauty type Squash
  • (109) Seeds Of Winter Waltham Butternut type Squash
  • (882) Seeds Of Bloomsdale Long Standing type Spinach
  • (328) Seeds Of Lucullus type Swiss Chard
  • (1764) Seeds Of Rutgers VF type Tomato
  • (2822) Seeds Of Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish type Onion

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