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Murphy’s law says that whenever something happens, the worst of two outcomes will take place.

Well if you’re thinking about preparing for a disaster of any kind, plan on it happening in winter.

What happens if you’re caught in a sudden snowstorm and the power goes out? Or, what if you have to flee your house in the middle of the winter?

You’ll likely need a dependable source of heat.

Whether you’re building a survival kit that could help you survive for 72 hours or longer, or are just stocking up for a camping trip, you need dependable sources of heat.

Heat Pax are one of the easiest, and most consistent heat sources you’ll be able to find.

And owing to their lightweight and compact design they’re perfect for a bug out bag or survival kit.

Each case of 40 provides you with the following:

  • Heat pads capable of providing sustained heat for 24 hours
  • Each pad is activated with air; unwrap and you have instant heat
  • Miniature furnace. Pads reach 166 degrees and will provide 135 degrees of consistent heat for hours on end.
  • Safe heat. They’re non toxic and environmentally friendly so you can use them with confidence wherever you are.


Get the box now and you’ll have enough for your family should you encounter an unexpected emergency.

But don’t wait, prices are going up!


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