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Find Your Keys And Get Out Of Dodge Once SHTF

When emergency situations occur, one of the first things you're going to be looking for is your car keys. And, if you're in pitch black darkness and don't have the necessary survival tools, you're going to be fumbling around trying to find them while the enemy quickly approaches. Don't put yourself in this danger once SHTF - find your keys FAST with the help of one of the most useful survival products on the market: the rechargeable emergency glow stick. This insanely cool reusable glow stick can be hyper-charged to act as a reading light in emergency situations, allowing you to easily read a map or find your way at night. Plus, not only does this impressive survival tool help you find your keys in the dark, but it can also be attached to anything you don't want to lose, such as your children, survival flashlights, bug out bags, camping supplies, survival kit, fire starter, and other survival gear. Grab a bunch of these incredibly useful light tubes from our survival store now and check "finding your stuff" off your preppers list for good!

UV Paqlite "Tooblite" Reusable Glow Stick - Emergency Camping Gear Features:

  • Find Your Keys In The Dark: By attaching this life-saving tube light to your car keys, you can bank on finding them EVERY TIME in pitch black darkness. This feature alone can easily save your life in emergency situations, which is why it's on every preppers list of bug out bag essentials.
  • Completely Rechargeable: One of the best things about this rechargeable tube light is its ability to be charged from various sources. Place it directly under under ambient light for 10 minutes, under direct sunlight for 1 minute, or under a survival flashlight for 10 seconds in order to fully charge this reusable glow stick.
    • Hyper-Charges To Light Your Way: When held directly beneath a survival flashlight, this amazing light tube hyper-charges to become a reading light to look at maps and to light your way in the darkness, ensuring you get out of dodge faster. 
    • Insanely Compact: This insanely compact light tube is only six inches long and weighs a mere 1.2 oz, making it one of the most important keychain/bug out bag essentials in our survival store. Never leave home without this essential survival tool!
    • Attaches To Easily Lost Items: This insanely useful survival tool is capable of much more than just finding your car keys - it can also be attached to anything you don't want to lose in the dark, such as your children, bug out bags, survival kit, fire starters, camping supplies, and other survival gear. This is easily one of the most useful survival products on the market! 

    UV Paqlite "Tooblite" Reusable Glow Stick - Emergency Camping Gear Specs:

    • Emergency Glow Stick Length: 6 in.
    • Emergency Glow Stick Weight: 1.2 oz.
    • Emergency Glow Stick Material: Durable Plastic Tube (Outside), Epoxy and Glow-In-The-Dark Crystals (Inside)
    • Rechargeable Tube Light Charging Options:
      • Direct Sunlight: 1 min for Full Charge 
      • Ambient Light: 10 min for Full Charge
      • Survival Flashlight: 10 sec for Hyper-Charge (Used for Reading Light. Reading Light Lasts 3-5 Minutes Per Hyper-Charge)

    Few things are scarier than losing your keys, kids, or important survival gear in emergency situations. And, when SHTF, you're going to have very limited time to scramble around looking for these if you don't have the proper survival tools. Luckily, you can wipe these worries away with the help of the amazing rechargeable tube light. By attaching this light tube to the children, bug out bags, survival kit, camping supplies, and survival gear you hold dear, you'll be able to find them and get out of dodge quicker than ever before. Plus, by hyper-charging it with a flashlight, this compact glow stick will allow you to read a map and light your way within mere seconds. These survival products are on every preppers list of bug out bag essentials, and are a MUST-HAVE for emergency situations! 

    Don't be fumbling around in the dark for your precious survival gear once SHTF - grab a bunch of these survival tools from our online survival store today to help keep your valuables from getting lost in the dark!

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