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Wise Company knows that to sustain a healthy lifestyle you need healthy protein.

That’s why they created their freeze-dried meat products.

Most other food storage companies use #10 cans to store their meats. This can present all kinds of problems when you’re on the go in the great outdoors or in the midst of a crisis.

Once opened, all the food in the #10 cans can spoil rather quickly. On top of that, there’s no way to reseal #10 cans in the event you need to change locations quickly.

Wise Company has solved all of those problems with their meat storage options. Their freeze-dried meat won’t spoil once opened. That’s because each serving needs to be activated by water.

On top of that, their meat products come in individually sealed Durable Polyester Film pouches. If you’ve opened up the pouch and need to move, simply close it back up and you’re good to go.

Each of their meals contains 100% real meat. There are no fillers or meat substitutes so you know that every single bite is helping to satisfy your inner carnivore.

Included inside are:

  • (72 Servings) of Real Roasted Chicken
  • (48 Servings) of Super Tasty Stroganoff Beef
  • (72 Servings) of Authentic Southwest Styled Chicken
  • (48 Servings) of Ultra Cheesy Beef (Ground)
  • (32 Servings) of Asian Inspired Teriyaki Styled Chicken
  • (72 Servings) of Savory Roasted Beef (Ground)
  • (120 Servings) of Instant Rice  

That’s enough food to last you for 120 days. Best of all is you can store this food for 25 years or more (depending on storage conditions). If you buy them now they’ll be good to go a quarter century down the road.

Each serving only requires hot water.

These are perfect for anyone who wants to have a lightweight, transportable food supply. You can use them in crisis situations or even for overnight camping trips.

Best of all is when you order from us, you’re getting your freeze-dried meat supplies at a much lower cost than you would find anywhere else.

Don’t delay, order now.

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