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30-LED Crisis Survival Pop-up Lanterns Includes:

  • 2 - 30-LED Crisis Survival Pop-up Lanterns
  • 6 - AA 1.5V Batteries

We've Upgraded Lanterns with New Tech

Oil lanterns have been around for 1000s of years...but it's time we came up with something better. The LED Crisis Survival Pop-up Lanterns have been fitted with the latest and most powerful LEDs and has a unique twist that preppers will love.

Many of the survival lanterns out there today use incandescent bulbs, which are really outdated. The Pop-up Lanterns use 30 of the very latest LED bulbs to provide you with a powerful 200 lumens of bright light. The light from these lanterns reach 60 feet, which is much more than an oil lantern or incandescent lantern can reach. These LEDs are both powerful and energy efficient. They only use 3 AA batteries each, and last for up to 18 hours!

The most interesting part of these lanterns is their unique pop-up mechanism. They don't have a traditional on/off switch. Instead, they activate by popping the cap up or down. This is important to preppers because, when deactivated, it's only the size of a cell phone, and the pop-up activation prevents it from accidentally turning on in your backpack and draining your batteries.

LED Crisis Survival Pop-up Lantern Features:

  • Super Bright Far-reaching Light: These lanterns have 30 super bright LEDs in it and puts out 200 lumens of powerful light. Their light reaches 60 feet...compare that with an oil lantern!
  • Works Hands-Free: Unlike a flashlight, you don't have to hold the Pop-up Lanterns in a specific direction to get the light you need. Just set it down wherever and you'll have plenty of light in every direction without having to hold it.
  • Won’t Accidentally Turn On: You might be surprised to discover these lanterns don't have a typical on/off switch. They activate when you open the pop-up top and deactivate when you close it. This keeps them from activating accidentally and wasting your precious battery life.
  • Long-lasting LEDs: The LEDs in the Pop-up Lanterns are both super bright and energy efficient. Even though it only uses 3 AA batteries, the lantern works for up to 18 hours!
  • Small and Lightweight: The Pop-up Lanterns are smaller than an oil lantern. When the cap is closed, it's about the same size as most cell phones. And at a weight of only 9.1 ounces, they won't be difficult to carry, even on long hikes.
  • Repels Water, Dirt, and Debris: The thermo-molded plastic used to make these lanterns are lightweight...but they also seal out water, dirt, dust, and much more. Plus, they're tough as nails, too.

LED Crisis Survival Pop-up Lantern Specs:

  • Brightness: 200 Lumens
  • Number of LED's: 30
  • Weight: 9.1 oz.
  • Height (Closed): 4.8" in.
  • Height (Extended): 7.0" in.
  • Power Source: 3 x AA 1.5V batteries (included)

If you don't have a lantern or are relying on a lantern with an incandescent bulb, you really need to upgrade to these LED lanterns. These are a popular tool, so grab yours now while we still have them in stock!


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