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UST Brands I.C.E. Survival Whistle Includes:

    • 1 - High Decibel (up to 106 dBA) Whistle with Watertight Storage Capsule 
    • 1 - Attached Carabiner

Keep Personal Information Nearby In Case of an Emergency

The I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Whistle is a compact and durable signaling device you can use in emergency situations. The I.C.E. produces a high-decibel shriek that can be heard from far away – alerting rescue teams to your location. This sturdy aluminum whistle also features a built-in watertight storage capsule where can safely store emergency contact information or other small items. The attached carabiner clips to your keychain, backpack, or belt loop so you can keep this handy survival tool right by your side in case of an emergency.

UST ICE Survival Whistle Features: 

  • Simple to Use: To use the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Emergency Contact form, simply fill out the information on the enclosed form, roll up and place it in lid. Screw whistle on to lid until sealed.
  • Durable and Lightweight: The I.C.E. Whistle is made of sturdy aluminum. This lightweight and rust-resistant material makes the I.C.E. Whistle ideal for hiking, camping, and any survival situations.
  • Effective Signaling Device: The high decibel sound produced but the I.C.E. can help you get attention and signal for help during an emergency. It's actual decibel rating is 106 dBA. Sound level at 6 feet (directly in front) is 102 dBA. Both are louder than the average car or house stereo at MAXIMUM VOLUME!

UST ICE Survival Whistle Specs:

  • Emergency Whistle Color: Orange
  • Emergency Whistle Size: 3” x 0.4” x 0.4” (76 x 10 x 10mm)
  • Emergency Whistle Weight: 0.4 oz. (15g)
  • Emergency Whistle Material: Aluminum
  • Decibel Rating: 106 DBa (at location) / 102 DBa (at 6 feet directly in front)

You likely never knew a tiny survival tool like this emergency whistle was so important. However, it's a crucial piece of survival gear for any prepper to have in case SHTF. Carry this durable whistle with you in your camping gear, bug out bag, and survival kit to ensure you're prepared for disaster. But you'd better get yours now - they're selling FAST!

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