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Your Family Needs a Hero... Are You Prepared??

Being a HERO in real life means being prepared - knowing what to do in a crisis!

Minutes after the disaster, it begins. The most crucial moments of surviving happen directly afterward! You don't need to be a hard-core "Prepper" in order to learn to save your family's life in a disaster. Listen to this IMPORTANT CD-ROM and learn how to be a "Secret Prepper!". (How to prepare without being weird.)

This CD-ROM will prepare you for what is coming... You'll learn:

  • What to put in your go-bag
  • How to prepare your automobile
  • When and how to show your family how to prepare
  • Storage of food and water in your home
  • Creating energy during a blackout
  • How to communicate during crisis
  • Organizing your family emergency plans

And...Much MORE!

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