The Perfect Glow In The Dark Light For Your Camping Tent

When you're out camping with your fellow preppers and it's time to go to bed, you'll want a low-level light that won't hurt your eyes, but will give you just enough light to organize your survival supplies and get ready for bed. Well, this glow in the dark light is by far one of the best camping supplies around for such a scenario. Made out of super powerful glow in the dark crystals, this rechargeable camping light is able to use the power of the sun to illuminate your camping tent for 10 full hours. This makes it the perfect camping night light, as it gives you just enough light to see what you're doing before you drift off to sleep. However, if you need more light, you can make this camping light even brighter by simply waving your survival flashlight over the crystals for a mere 5 seconds. When the sun is up, simply lay this survival tool in direct sunlight for 1 minute to recharge, then roll it up and place it in your bug out bag. It's that simple! And don't worry about dropping it - this camping night light is durable and completely waterproof thanks to its vacuum-sealed pouch. This is by far one of the most useful camping supplies preppers can get for their camping tent! Grab a few from our online survival store today!

Glow In The Dark Rechargeable Mat Light Features:

  • Insanely Easy To Charge: This glow in the dark light is incredibly easy to recharge! Simply lay this survival tool in direct sunlight for 1 minute, and the rechargeable night light will last for a full 10 hours! This camping light does dim over the course of its charge; however, to use it at its brightest before falling asleep, simply wave your survival flashlight over the crystals for 5 seconds. This will increase the camping light's intensity and will allow your eyes to adjust to the dark more easily before bed.
  • Crazy Compact: Sizing up at only 6"x8" and weighing a mere 1.3 oz this is easily the most compact glow in the dark gear you've ever seen. Not only is this survival tool small, but it also rolls up and easily stores in your bug out bag for easy transport. 
  • Lasts Forever: The glow in the dark crystals included in this camping night light have NO SHELF-LIFE. That's because they require zero chemical activation (such as shaking or breaking) to get them to work. This camping night light will illuminate your camping tent just as well today as it will in the next 100 years!
  • More Powerful Than Other Glow In The Dark Gear: The powerful glow in the dark crystals included in this rechargeable camping light shine brighter, glow longer, and recharge faster than normal glow in the dark gear. 
  • Super Simple To Use: This glow in the dark light is crazy easy to set up! When it's getting dark outside, simply hang the charged camping light from the inside of your camping tent. You'll now have 10 full hours to organize your survival supplies, pack your bug out bag, and get some well-deserved shuteye. 
  • The Perfect Rechargeable Night Light: When at a full charge, this survival tool will give off 10 hours of low level light, which allows your eyes to adjust to the dark more easily as you fall asleep. These lights are perfect camping supplies for both kids and adults to use! 
  • Completely Waterproof: Thanks to its vacuum-sealed pouch, this glow in the dark light can be rained on, snowed on, and even submersed in water with zero damage done. This rechargeable night light is completely waterproof. 

UV Paqlite Rechargeable Mat Light Specs:

  • Camping Light Weight: 1.3 oz 
  • Camping Light Size: Perfect For A 2-3 Person Camping Tent
  • Camping Light Glow Area: 20-24 sq in
  • Camping Light Pouch Size: 6"x8"
  • Camping Light Crystals: Made Out Of Strontium Aluminate

This rechargeable camping light is the perfect survival tool to add to your camping tent. By laying it in direct sunlight for just 1 minute, it will be able to produce 10 full hours worth of low level light, making it the ideal camping night light for both kids and adults. You can also make its light even brighter by shining a survival flashlight over the crystals for 5 seconds before using. Then, when the sun comes up, simply roll up the vacuum-sealed pouch and store the camping night light with the rest of your survival supplies in your bug out bag. It's that easy!

Preppers will love how this compact light will add to their camping experience. Grab a few from our online survival store to hang in your 2-3 person camping tent tonight!

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