The UV Paqlite Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Combo Includes:

  • 1 - Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight (AA Batteries Included)
  • 1 - Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Tag With Chain
  • 1 -  Reusable Glow Stick with Chain

The Ultimate "Glow In The Dark Gear" Combo!

Every prepper will want to get their hands on this "illuminating" glow in the dark gear combo! Not only does it contain a Mini Tact Flashlight (which produces super bright LED light with the click of a button), but you'll also get a Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Tag (which allows you to identify your survival kit, camping gear and bug out bag in pitch black darkness), as well as the incredible Reusable Glow Stick (which practically ensures you find your keys no matter how dark it is). Better yet, each of these survival products has the ability to recharge from almost any light source; and they even have the ability to "hyper-charge" to let you read a map or light your way! Together, these survival tools create an unstoppable combination of camping gear designed to help you see in the dark AND locate the survival supplies that matter most. Grab these bug out bag essentials from our online survival store today for maximum disaster preparedness!

Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight Features:

  • Defend Yourself With Ease: This tactical flashlight will help you get out of a sticky situation; thanks to its crenelated bezel you'll be able to defend yourself against attackers if necessary.
  • Multiple Uses: With its three distinct settings, this is by far the best survival flashlight to use in almost all emergency situations. Use its high setting to shine the super bright LED light into the darkness, use its medium setting to save battery and still illuminate your camping tent, or use its strobe setting to confuse an attacker.
  • Crazy Compact: This compact flashlight is so small, you won't believe its power! Weighing just 2.7 oz and measuring at only 3.5" x 1" you can fit this mini flashlight into your pocket with ease.

Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight Specs:

  • Survival Flashlight Weight: 1.9 oz | 2.7 oz w/ battery
  • Survival Flashlight Dimensions: 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Survival Flashlight Modes: High/Medium/Strobe
  • Survival Flashlight Bulbs: CREE LED Light bulbs
  • Survival Flashlight Lumens: 150 (actual)
  • Survival Flashlight Body: Aluminum Alloy
  • Survival Flashlight Power: AA battery (included)


Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Tag Features:

  • Unbelievably Easy To Use: Simply hook the gear tag onto your bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies. When SHTF and there's a power outage, you'll be able to easily locate these important survival supplies!
  • Surprisingly Useful: Whether you're trying to locate your bug out bag amidst the pile of other preppers' bags, or you're trying to organize everyone's supplies in your camping tent, the fact is you'll need to be able to identify which stuff is yours. With the glow in the dark gear tag, you'll be able to spot your camping/survival supplies with ease - even in pitch black darkness. 
  • Quick & Easy Recharging: This survival tool is seriously easy to recharge! Simply place it under the Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight for 10 seconds, under direct sunlight for 1 minute, or under ambient light for 10 minutes for a full power-boost. 
  • Hyper-Charges In An Instant: Typically this glow in the dark gear tag is intended to help you to find your survival kit, bug out bag and camping gear in the dark with ease. However, when you shine the Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight onto the gear tag for 5 full seconds, it shines even brighter, allowing you to read a map and light your path for 3-5 minutes!
  • Insanely Compact: Measuring at only 1-3/4"L x 3/4" W it's easy to see why preppers love attaching these gear tags to their bug out bags, survival kits, and camping supplies. You'll never be weighed down with these compact attachments.

Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Tag Specs:

  • Glow In The Dark Gear Tag Dimensions: 1-3/4" L x 3/4" W
  • Glow In The Dark Gear Tag Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Glow In The Dark Gear Tag Charging Times:
    • Direct Sunlight: 1 minute
    • Ambient Light: 10 minutes
    • Survival Flashlight: 10 seconds
    • The more intense the light source, the faster the charging time!
    • Hyper-Charging: Shining the Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight onto the gear tag for 5 full seconds will provide 3-5 minutes of extra bright light.


Reusable Glow Stick Features:

Locate Your Car Keys FAST: One of the scariest moments during emergency situations is not knowing where your car keys are. Remove this worry by attaching this life-saving light tube to your key chain. This survival tool will easily help you spot them anywhere - even if the lights are out. 

Gives You Confidence In The Dark: This crazy useful survival tool can help you find even more things besides just your car keys! Attach this glow stick to your children, fire starters, survival flashlight, and other survival gear to ensure you can find them easily in a power outage or once SHTF.

Recharges 100%: The beauty of this rechargeable tube light is you can charge it up from a variety of light sources. Lay it in direct sunlight for one minute, or under ambient light for 10 minutes to charge up this emergency glow stick. You can even shine your Mini Tact Light Survival Flashlight on the light tube to give it a 5-second supercharge. 

Hyper-Charges In Seconds: Normally this emergency glow stick is used for locating your keys and other survival supplies; however, when you shine the Mini Tact Survival Flashlight over the light tube for 5 seconds, the glow stick immediately becomes brightly illuminated, allowing you to read a map or light your way for 3-5 minutes at a time.

Reusable Glow Stick Specs:

  • Emergency Glow Stick Length: 6 inches
  • Emergency Glow Stick Weight: 1.2 oz
  • Emergency Glow Stick Material: Durable Plastic Tube (Outside), Epoxy and Glow-In-The-Dark Crystals (Inside)
  • Rechargeable Tube Light Charging Options:
    • Direct Sunlight: 1 min for Full Charge 
    • Ambient Light: 10 min for Full Charge
    • Survival Flashlight: 10 sec for Hyper-Charge (Used for Reading Light. Reading Light Lasts 3-5 Minutes Per Hyper-Charge)

There's no doubt about it - every prepper needs this glow in the dark gear for all their camping and survival needs. That's because these incredible survival tools could easily save your life during SHTF/emergency situations. Not only do you get a mini survival flashlight that shines super bright LED light into the darkness, but you also get the glow in the dark gear tag (for tagging/illuminating your bug out bag, survival kit, and camping supplies), as well as the reusable glow stick (which helps you find your car keys in an instant - even in pitch black darkness). Plus, with their ability to be recharged from almost any light source (and to be "hyper-charged" for extra bright light when necessary), these survival supplies make the perfect survival gear combo for disaster preparedness!

Like all great teams, these survival tools are far stronger together than they are apart. Grab these awesome bug out bag essentials from our online survival store today!

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