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The Green Beret LED Flashlight Includes:

  • Durable metal 250 lumen tactical LED flashlight
  • Green zoom ring focuses and concentrates beam
  • Built-in metal belt clip and rubber gripper O-ring
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries in durable battery pod
  • 1 lanyard, attachable to frame

    Ultra Bright, Durable and Affordable Tactical Flashlight

    A flashlight is essential survival gear. However when you're putting a survival kit together you don't want to rely on any old flashlight -- you want a durable, affordable and bright tactical flashlight. And it's those qualities that make the GT-Lite Green Beret the best flashlight around. The Green Beret uses a blindingly bright Cree XP-R2 LED which means you'll be able to see everything around you in the darkest of nights. And unlike other LED flashlights of similar size the GT-Lite Green Beret boasts 250 lumens of power making it the best survival flashlight for the price.

    Not only does this lightweight and compact the Green Beret LED tactical flashlight fit in the palm of your hand, it also has a unique feature most lights of its size don't have - a built in zoom. Just adjust its namesake "Green Beret" green zoom ring to concentrate the Green Beret's beam where you need it most. 

    Green Beret Survival Flashlight Features:

    • Built For Survival: The GT-Lite Green Beret is made to help you survive a crisis. The intense light from the Cree LED is so bright it could temporarily blind an attacker giving you a chance to escape. It also features an emergency strobe in case SHTF and you need help fast.
    • Incredibly Tough: This incredible LED light is custom made with an impact resistant metal casing and a weatherproof housing. That means you can drop, kick, slam, or dunk your flashlight without worrying it'll fall apart. The LED is virtually immune to malfunction and has a rated life of 50,000 hours. The durable three-battery housing unit protects its power sources and features a heavy duty copper contact stud in place of the usual spring contact battery connector. So bumps and bruises do not affect power delivery. 
    • Super-Bright: What's a tactical LED flashlight worth if it can't brighten up the dark? This high lumen flashlight relies on the brilliantly bright Cree LED bulb to cast a beam up to 500 feet. It also has a 30% function for battery conservation as well as an emergency strobe to attract attention in disasters. 
    • Ultra-Compact: At only 4 oz. in weight and 5 inches in length the Green Beret is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a small pocket. It's one of the brightest flashlights for its size which is why you'll be thrilled to have it as part of your survival gear.
    • Easy-to-Use: You don't want a tactical flashlight that's hard to use, that's why the Green Beret is going to be your new favorite piece of survival gear. The soft touch tactical tail switch makes powering on this light a breeze. You'll really appreciate that when your hands are full and you need light now. It also has a built in metal clip for easy attachment to bags, pants, visors and more

    GT-Lite Green Beret Tactical Flashlight Details:

    • Weight: 4.06 oz.

    • Length: 5.03 inches

    • Brightness: 250 lumens

    • Modes: High power, 30% power, emergency strobe

    • LED type: CREE XP-R2 LED

    • Features green zoom ring for focusing light

    • Makes use of total reflection lens for varying light

    The Green Beret tactical LED flashlight is an investment that won't disappoint. There aren't many survival flashlights like this and the truth is you'll love owning this incredible LED tactical flashlight. For its size and price this is the best high lumen flashlight around. You'll be amazed how bright it is, impressed with its function, and blown away by its durability.

    Get your Green Beret tactical flashlight today!

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