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The task of putting together a survival kit is an important one.

Whether you want to call it a 72-hour emergency kit, a bug out bag, or a go bag, the fact remains…you need enough supplies ready to go to help you survive for at least 3 days at a moments notice.

Guardian has gone to great lengths to help build a pre-made survival kit.

This kit is designed for one person and everything comes in their “Elite Multi-Pocket Hikers Backpack.” This pack contains enough space for the included gear as well as additional items.

Inside you’ll get:

Supplies to Feed you and Quench Your Thirst: If the grocery stores are closed, or if you’re plumbing has broken down you and your loved ones will have enough food and water for 3 days. Designed for use by the coast guard, these products inside have a shelf life of 5 years. You get:

  • (6) Individually Sealed 400 Calorie Food Bars. A Total Of 2400 Calories.
  • (12) Tightly Sealed 4 Oz. Water Pouches For Easy Transport
  • (10) Water Cleansing Tablets. The Tablets Will Purify As Much As 1 Liter, A Total Of 10 Total Purified Liters.

Supplies for Lighting and Communication: If your crisis situation lasts longer than 12 hours you’ll likely need a source of light to help you through. If the power’s out then you’ll need a way to independently create power so you can stay informed about what’s going on. That’s why this kit includes:

  • (1) Radio With AM/FM Bands, Comes With Batteries And Headphones For Immediate And Easy Listening.
  • (1) Rechargeable Flashlight With 3 Leds. Recharges With Simple Hand Squeeze.
  • (1) Green Glow Stick (12 Hour Lifespan)
  • (1) 5-In-1 Survival Whistle. Contains Signaling Mirror, Flint, Lanyard, Whistle, Waterproof Container And Compass.
  • (1) Sealed Box Of Waterproof Matches

Supplies to Give you Warmth and Temporary Shelter: A crisis situation will likely leave you exposed to the elements. Guardian's survival kit has supplies that will protect you from the wind, sun, along with rain and other conditions. Inside you’ll get:

  • (1) Individually Sealed Mylar Survival Sleeping Bag
  • (1) Tube Tent Designed For 2 People
  • (1) Plastic Hooded Poncho
  • (1) Long Lasting (16-20 Hour) Body Warmer

Survival Tools: If you need to set up a temporary camp, these tools will help make life easier in a crisis:

  • (1) 50 Foot Length Of Nylon Rope
  • (1) Durable Swiss Army Style Knife With 16 Functions
  • (1) Pair Of Real Work Gloves (Leather Palm) To Prevent Blisters
  • (1) Sewing Kit
  • (1) Pair Of Plastic Safety Goggles
  • (1) Mask To Block Out Dust (N95). Approved By NIOSH.

Supplies to Support Proper Sanitation and Hygiene: In a crisis situation it’s important not to forget how important proper hygiene is. To help protect against infections and the spread of disease you get:

  • (1) Portable Bags for Toilet Waste, Complete With Sanitizing Chemicals
  • (4) Individual Kits For Hygiene
  • (1) Plastic Handled Tooth Brush
  • (1) Fluoridated Toothpaste Tube
  • (1) Package Of 9 Wet Naps
  • (1) Soap
  • (1) Plastic Dental Floss Pick
  • (1) Combination Shampoo and Conditioner
  • (1) Tube of Body and Hand Lotion
  • (1) Razor (Twin Blade)
  • (1) Stick of Gel Deodorant
  • (1) 5 Inch Plastic Handled Comb
  • (1) Wash Cloth
  • (4) Maxi Pads/Bandages
  • (1) Canister of Shaving Cream
  • (3) Individually Sealed Packs Of Pocket Tissue For Toilet Purposes
  • (1) Portable Air Freshening Device

First Aid Supplies: In the event of a crisis the odds are you’re going to pick up some cuts and bruises along the way. Included in this survival kit is Guardian’s 65 Piece First Aid Kit. This deluxe first aid kit will help out with many of the smaller injuries experienced in a crisis.

Also included are playing cards that can help alleviate stress and or boredom in a crisis situation as well as an infectious waste bag.

When designing the Elite Survival Kit, Guardian consulted some of foremost leaders in the survivalist and preparedness industries.

They wanted to make sure nothing was left out of this kit when they brought it to market.

What you’re left with is a supremely comprehensive and extremely affordable kit that can quite literally help save your life.

This kit is perfect for the back of your car, or stored in a safe place at the office or at home.

This 1-person deluxe emergency kit has a retail value of $120 which means when you buy it from us you get it for a substantial savings.

* This bag no longer has "Survival Kit" stitched on it.

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