The 2-Person Elite 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit by Guardian Includes:

  • Emergency food and water supplies
  • Emergency lighting and communication tools
  • Emergency shelter supplies
  • Emergency sanitation and hygiene materials
  • Emergency first-aid supplies
  • Additional survival equipment
  • 1 - Heavy duty survival backpack

Comprehensive "Done For You" Survival Kit For 2

One of the most important survival tools needed to prepare for disaster is an emergency preparedness kit. This Guardian survival kit eliminates the cost and hassle of putting an emergency kit together by yourself, and includes all the survival equipment you and your partner need for 72 hours. This disaster supply kit is packed to the brim with emergency food and water supplies, emergency shelter supplies, and additional survival equipment needed to prepare for disaster. All these survival tools are tucked neatly into a heavy duty survival backpack with multiple pockets and pouches to keep you both organized and ready for when SHTF.

2-Person Elite 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit by Guardian Features:

  • Supremely Comprehensive: This emergency kit features a vast array of survival tools, including emergency food and water supplies, emergency shelter supplies, emergency lighting and communication tools, emergency first-aid supplies, and additional survival equipment to help you prepare for disaster.
  • Incredibly Convenient: This 72-hour survival kit was designed with you in mind, providing a vast array of survival equipment and packaged in a sturdy and durable survival backpack. Instead of having to purchase each of these survival tools individually, you and your partner will now have everything you'll need to survive for a full 72 hours in this one emergency preparedness kit.
  • Survival For Two: You can now save two lives with the purchase of one Guardian survival kit. This 2 person survival kit provides double the water supplies, double the emergency food, and double the survival tools of a normal emergency supply kit to keep you both safe and prepared if SHTF.
  • Built To Last: We never know when SWHTF - that's why it's important to prepare for disaster ahead of time. The survival equipment inside this emergency kit has a shelf-life of 5 years - giving you plenty of time to become ready for anything. 
  • Created By Professionals: Originally designed for use by the coast guard, this 72-hour survival kit was created with the input of the foremost leaders in the survivalist and preparedness industries.
  • Portable Preparedness: All the invaluable survival equipment in this emergency supply kit stores snugly into a heavy duty survival backpack - which means you can take it everywhere. Keep the Guardian survival kit with you in your car, at home, at work and on camping trips to prepare for disaster in any circumstance.

2-Person Elite 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit by Guardian Specs:

Emergency Food and Water Supplies: 

  • 12 - Individually sealed food bars. Each food bar is 400 Calories and yields a total of 4800 calories.*
  • 24 - Tightly sealed 4 oz. water pouches*
  • 20 - Water cleansing tablets. Each tablet purifies as much as 1 whole liter, for a total of 20 purified liters.

 Emergency Lighting and Communication Tools:

  • 1 - AM/FM Radio. Includes batteries and headphones.
  • 1 - Rechargeable LED flashlight 
  • 1 - Loud survival whistle with 5-in-1 functionality
  • 1 - Sealed box of waterproof matches
  • 1 - Emergency candle designed to last 30 hours
  • 1 - Bright green glowing emergency stick. Provides 12 hours of light.*

Emergency Shelter Supplies: 

  • 2 - Individually sealed mylar survival sleeping bags
  • 2 - Plastic hooded ponchos
  • 1 - 2 Person tent (tube tent with rope)
  • 2 - Full body warmers (16 hour burn time)*

    Emergency Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies: 

    • 2 - 24 piece hygiene kits
    • 9 - Individually sealed wet napkins
    • 2 - Plastic handled toothbrushes
    • 2 - Fluoride toothpastes
    • 1 - Soap
    • 1 - Combination shampoo and conditioner
    • 1 - Nylon dental floss pick
    • 1 - Razor (twin blade)
    • 1 - 5-inch plastic comb
    • 4 - Bandages / maxi pads
    • 2 - Washcloths
    • 1 - Miniature shaving cream
    • 6 - Individually sealed pocket tissue packs for toilet purposes

    Emergency First-Aid Supplies:

    • 1 - 65-piece portable first-aid kit

    Additional Survival Equipment: 

    • 1 - Durable Swiss Army style knife with 16 functions
    • 2 - Masks to block out dust (N95 style). Approved by NIOSH.
    • 1 - Pair of plastic safety goggles
    • 1 - Sewing kit
    • 1 - Pair of work gloves with leather palms
    • 1 - Nylon rope (50 ft in length)
    • 1 - Notepad
    • 1 - Golf pencil
    • 1 - Deck of 52 playing cards
    • 1 - Infectious waste bag for hazardous materials
    • Survival Kit Weight: 16 lb.
    • Survival Backpack Material: Nylon

    * Denotes these items expire 5 years from date of manufacture 

    This 2-Person survival kit is a supremely comprehensive and incredibly convenient survival tool that will help you and your partner prepare for disaster. Created by professionals and built to last, this emergency preparedness kit will help save your life and the life of your partner if SHTF.

    Get your 72-hour survival kit today and become ready for anything life throws at you.

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