• Includes biodegradable waste packets helpful in reducing clogging for portable toilets. 

For anyone who’s ever had the unfortunate pleasure of working with portable toilets, you know just how unpleasant it can be to deal with collected human waste.

Enter the Bio-Green Waste Digester. This 12 pack works to break down human waste using natural enzymes all while producing a pleasant pine scent at the finish.

Here’s what makes the Bio-Green Waste Digester 12-Pack ideal for RVs, Porta-Potty’s, Portable camping toilets and more:

  • 100% Natural: Since it relies only on a collection of enzymes to break down waste you’ll never have to worry about toxic fumes or chemicals making it into your supplies.
  • Easy to Use: All you need to do is break open the packet and dump the dry powder blend into your toilet bowl. No liquids, no measuring, no stirring. Just pour and leave.
  • Super Effective: The powerful enzymes have the ability to break down waste, and toilet paper in just a few hours.
  • Safe: You can use this on any type of toilet, septic or plumbing system without worrying about it hurting your toilet or plumbing.
  • Reduces Odor: After it breaks down any waste all that’s left is a nice pine scent. And if you’re in close quarters with your restroom facilities this will make it much easier to be around. 

At the end of the day the Bio-Green Waste Digester works well to help you in any emergency/camping/traveling situation.

Use it to keep up standards of cleanliness even when you’re away from indoor plumbing.

But most importantly get the Bio-Green Waste Digester now, to avoid the horror of having to smell the awful smell associated with portable toilets.

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