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Have You Ever Seen a Spork This Small?

This EDC spork from Grim Workshop is really neat. It's so small and lightweight that you can attach it to your bag or your clothing just in case you need it without even noticing it's there.

Next time you're on a camping trip or find yourself in a situation without proper eating utensils, your Grim Workshop Spork Zipper Pull has you covered. Always at your fingertips, it can scoop and stab both liquid and solid food.

Grim Workshop Spork Zipper Pull Features:

  • Ultra-Convenient: The Spork Zipper Pull attaches to any zipper so it's always with you when you need it.
  • Spoon and Fork Combo: A spork is a spoon and a fork hybrid, so you get two eating utensils in one. Eat soups and solid food without switching utensils for less cleanup.
  • Perfect for Camping Trips: Forget about packing bulky utensils or eating with your hands like a savage...this spork zipper pull from Grim Workshop works just as good as regular utensils but at a fraction of the space and weight.
  • Rust-Free: This spork is made from medical grade stainless steel, so it will never rust no matter how wet and dirty it gets during its lifetime.
  • Replaces Bulkier Tools: This micro-tool is less than two inches in length, which means it's easy to attach to your bag or clothing and bring with you. It lets you free up your bag of bulkier eating utensils.
  • Lightweight: At only 0.1 ounces, this spork is so lightweight that you won't even be able to tell you're carrying it. Perfect for anyone who doesn't want to be burdened with heavy or bulky gear.
  • Looks Cool: Grim Workshop's Spork Zipper Pull has that handcrafted metal look that people go nuts over. This is more than a survival tool; it'll also get you a few compliments!

Grim Workshop Spork Zipper Pull Specs:

  • Weight: 0.1 oz.
  • Height: 1.75" in.
  • Width: 0.5" in.
  • Material: Stainless Steel

This convenient and helpful micro-tool is a no-brainer addition to your gear. 

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