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Never Be Without Basic Survival Supplies Again


  • 1- Bright Orange Rescue Bag

Lightweight, Durable and Practical

Store daily survival gear in this durable, easy-to-pack bag and never leave home unprepared again! The Survival Frog Orange Rescue Bag is bright orange so you or emergency workers can locate it with ease. It's been designed with durability in mind and its tough reinforced eyelet corners ensure no matter how hard you grab this hefty carryall, it will stand up to the task! This bag is perfect for camping, travel, or for throwing in the back of your car when you're driving across town to go to the gym.


  • Incredibly Durable: Unlike similar bags, our Orange Rescue Bag has been made with super-tough, rip-resistant nylon. This makes it tougher than dirt which is perfect if you plan on lugging it with you while camping, bugging out, or leave it in the trunk with all your other gear. Plus the reinforced eyelets and multi-threaded straps mean it'll stand up to the rigors of repeated use.
  • Lightweight: One of the best parts about this bag is how little it weighs. At just 1.6 oz. the Orange Rescue Bag is lightweight and portable. No need to worry about this bag weighing you down. Plus its lightweight nylon construction gives you the ability to fold it compactly when not in use which is great for storage and for packing for trips.
  • Easy to Use: Relying on a simple drawcord system our Orange Rescue Bag is simple to use. And since it doesn't use zippers that can break it means you'll be able to get long-lasting, repeatable use out of this incredible bag.


18'' L x 16'' W

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