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Survival Food That tastes Like Mom's Cooking! 

There are things you want, and then things you need. And a stew that is nutritious, easy to make, and made for any situation is definitely a need.  Mountain House all natural beef stew is perfect for a survival kit or even for camping and backpacking. And honestly their stew isn't just a meal that feeds you, it fuels you. No matter what the circumstances are this delightful meal will get your tastebuds going.  Chock full of all-natural beef from cows raised on sunny midwestern farms. Generous amounts of American potatoes are then topped of with veggies like bright orange carrots, tangy onions, garden grown peas and much more!  All smothered in a rich and savory sauce that’s so easy to cook to perfection.


  • Super Convenient: Packed inside of the resealable, stackable, lightweight #10 cans, your food is easily stored, for instant use. Just add water and you’re good to go.

  • Highly Nutritious: Serving Size 1 Cup , Servings Per Container 10, Calories Per Serving 200 (Fat 7g, Carbs 24g, Fiber 3g, Protein 14g).

  • Long Lasting: With a 30-year shelf life, you can depend on Mountain House food being there when you need it. Even after opening the food will last an additional year.

  • Tasty: You will absolutely love the taste of Mountain House food, its rich taste will leave you beyond satisfied

  • Affordable: Some of the lowest prices for survival food are found in the Mountain House Instant Packs.

The #10 can is ideal for those who know they’re going to need at least a few days worth of food on hand to help them in either a crisis, or a time out in the wilderness.

Remember Mountain House food is easy to make, painless even.  It's extremely nutritious; so you know the food you’re eating is helping your body work at its highest ability. And it's affordable too, which we love and know you will too, because who doesn’t want a good deal.

Sounds good right?

So get this #10 can now before it’s too late,

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