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  • Millions Spent To Give You the Perfect Pack for Prepping

    As the #1 survival company in the world, we know what makes a great survival pack.

    Which is why we went to a million dollar backpack company to help us make the LifeShield backpack.

    Just a few reasons it’s perfect for preppers:

    • Ultra Rugged - Will outlast the toughest crises
    • Super Spacious - Perfect size to carry all your gear
    • Super Comfortable - Advanced padding for a cool and incredibly comfortable fit
    • Built for Convenience: Special buckles, zipper, pockets make it the perfect bug out bag

    And more!

    We Take The Headache Out Of Building the Perfect Survival Kit

    To help you build the perfect kit, without the headache, we’ve broken down a complete survival bug out bag into 6 different kits.

    Warmth & Shelter
    Survival Cooking
    Food & Water
    Light & Communication
    First Aid & Health
    Survival Tools

    Get all 6 to make sure you’re 100% prepared!

    Choose The Prepackaged Kits Below
    Pack your LifeShield with the Ultimate Life Saving Gear

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