Serious Preppers Love This New “Survival Body Bag”

Want to know something funny about the survival body bag?

Survival Body BagMost preppers and serious survivalists do everything they can under the sun to ensure they stay out of a body bag.

However, a recent invention, affectionately referred to as the “Survival Body Bag,” is a body bag top survivalists actually want to get in and many of them are now rushing to get as many of these body bags as they can.

What is the new survival body bag and why do so many preppers love it?

It’s a good thing you asked because in the next few seconds I’m going to show you what this new survival tool is and why it’s creating such a stir in the survival community and why everyone who wants to be prepared for the worst needs one.

How The SOL Bivvy AKA the Survival Body Bag SOL Is Revolutionizing Disaster Preparedness

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 3.40.36 PM

The SOL Bivvy being taken out of its tiny carry bag

First things first…

The SOL Bivvy is not a body bag for the dead but for the living.

In fact, anyone who slips inside of the SOL Bivvy in certain disaster situations seriously increases their chances of surviving a worst case scenario.

I’ll show you how in just a moment.

But first let me ask you a question. Do you remember those shiny emergency blankets everyone always recommends for emergency survival? Yeah the ones that look like big old pieces of aluminum foil.

Here’s a picture of these emergency blankets.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.36.04 PM

Standard emergency sleeping bag AKA The Space Blanket

The reason these blankets are so popular in the survival community is because they do something a normal cloth blanket can’t do; they reflect 90% of your body’s heat back to you which helps keep you warm in emergency situations.

They’re ideal for emergency situations where the temperature’s super-low or where someone has been injured and their body is struggling and in a state of shock.

Well the SOL Bivvy takes the technology found in those blankets and ramps it up in such a way that makes it that much more effective than those handy emergency blankets.

It uses that same space age material found in emergency space blankets with a few modifications that make it the preferred emergency survival gear for many survivalists.

In the next section I’m going to show you why these modifications make the SOL Bivvy far superior to regular old emergency blankets.

I’ll also show you how to use the SOL Bivvy and have included a few videos for you in case you’ve got any questions about the Bivvy.

7 Amazing Reasons The Superior Technology In The SOL Bivvy Could Save Your Life

The SOL Bivvy is a lot different and a lot more effective than emergency blankets for several reasons.

1 – It’s Not a Blanket:

One of the first reasons as you might guess from the title of this article is the SOL Bivvy is actually a bag, not a blanket, and that means you can get full 360 degree protection when you slip inside.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.38.57 PM

Use it just like a sleeping bag because it is one!

Blankets leave a lot to be desired when it comes to protecting you the way the SOL Bivvy does. Even if you wrap yourself in an emergency blanket as tight as you can there will always be small gaps in the blanket that heat can escape from.

That might not seem like a big deal now, but if your life depends on trapping and holding as much heat as possible then holes become a huge deal, possibly a life-threatening deal.

2 – It’s Super Durable:

If you’ve never handled an emergency blanket before it’s important to know they’re quite thin and they rip easily. Obviously you don’t want that to happen to life saving survival gear as it could severely jeopardize your ability to survive.

The SOL Bivvy has been specially treated with a material known as HeatSheets that allows it to do a few things emergency blankets can’t. For one it’s stretchable which is quite important when you’re pushing the Bivvy to its limits.

Another thing Heatsheets allows the Bivvy to do is actively resists punctures and tears. Keep in mind if you ever have to use the Bivvy you’re going to be around sharp things like rocks and sticks so this benefit is a key feature.

The durable nature of the SOL Bivvy allows for you to use it time and time again without fear it’ll fall apart on you in just a few uses.

3 – It’s Extremely Portable:

One thing you’ll love about the Bivvy is how portable it is. That’s a big deal when you consider how many different places you might need to store it. Since the Bivvy tucks neatly inside of a convenient carry case you can place it in the glovebox of your car for winter time driving.

And because it’s in that same bag you can easily move it from the car to your bug out bag or camping gear without issue.

Not to mention the Bivvy is incredibly lightweight.

It weighs a measly 3.5 oz. which means it won’t ever weigh you down. You could carry it in your pocket and never even know it’s there.

4 – It’s Incredibly Easy to Use:

A lot of people complain about emergency blankets not being that easy to use. The SOL BIvvy is super easy to use.

If you want to see a demonstration on how it works just check out the video I included below.

5 – 100% Waterproof and Windproof:

One of the biggest risks you could face in a crisis situation is the chance of wind and rain causing you to get so cold you develop hypothermia.

As I mentioned above emergency blankets are OK at helping to protect from the wind and elements; however their design figuratively leaves holes that you have to contend with and could eventually cause you great harm.

The reason the SOL Bivvy is so darn useful is because it has fully taped seams and is designed in the shape of a sleeping bag. This design is both waterproof and windproof which keeps two of nature’s most harmful elements at bay and can extend your chances for survival significantly.

6 – It Transforms A Regular Sleeping Bag Into An Amazing Sleeping Bag:

The SOL Bivvy is quite unique because you can use it around a regular sleeping bag and increase the temperature rating of that bag significantly.

Because it’s waterproof and windproof it allows you to use your sleeping bag in places you might never imagine.

7 – It’s Spacious and Fits Almost Anyone:

The SOL Bivvy is useful for just about everyone.

It’s 84 inches in length and 36 inches wide so it’ll comfortably fit just about anyone out there. Also, because of its dimensions it’s really easy to use.

If you watched the video above you can see just how cavernous the Bivvy really is. While I wouldn’t advise testing it, the SOL Bivvy could likely fit two people if needed. However, because it’s designed for one person I would stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The point being anyone of just about any size could use it. Here in the office we’ve taken some of our larger staff members and had them slip into it. Several of our staff who are well over 6 feet and 200+ pounds fit comfortably inside.

This means you can confidently purchase the Bivvy for just about anyone knowing they’ll be able to use it with ease.

Best of All? The SOL Bivvy IS Proven to Save Lives

SOL Bivvy

So small, so compact, so useful!

I think it’s important you understand the SOL Bivvy wasn’t made just to turn a profit, this thing really works.

While I don’t know how many times it’s helped save a life I do have access to reviews where people who decided to trust its life saving capabilities sounded off on just how effective it was.

Take this review for instance from someone by the name of Scout:

We were 4 miles up the mountain and 5 hours into the freezing rain hike when my co-leader broke her leg. We self-evacuated for as long as she could stand but then it was clear we needed to get her warmer, drier, and rested. Enter SOL Emergency Bivvy!

I sent two hikers ahead to “set up camp” and by the time we got there they had a huge fire burning, the sleeping bag and insulated pad tucked in the Bivvy and waiting for our hobbling leader. We got her inside the Bivvy with her splint, the sleeping bag, pad, and the 3 coats we had on her. It was perfect, she was toasty in minutes.

The SOL Bivvy being used to help keep someone alive!

And even as the splint hiking pole tips were straining against the edges, it didn’t rip…Now every single hiker with us is buying one too. It’s just too small to not have on you at all times. I’ll add the video of the event later but I can’t give a higher rating for any product. Only reason I have to buy another is the SAR team sliced her out to save time.

That’s pretty impressive right?

Now imagine how many other people have unreported stories of the SOL Bivvy working like this.

The truth is even if there aren’t any more the fact it saved one life proves it could do it again.

Picture how useful this might be if you were stuck inside of your car on a cold winter evening after running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Imagine how useful it might be in so many other circumstances.

That’s why I recommend them for camping, backpacking, car bags, go bags, survival kits and bug out bags.

They’re that useful.

And one more added benefit associated with the SOL Bivvy?

They’re really not that pricey.

Considering how much a premium sleeping bag costs (not to mention how much weight they take up) the SOL Bivvy is easily one of the most important pieces of survival equipment on the planet.

And that’s not a lie.

As soon as I saw the SOL Bivvy was launched I decided we should carry it. Right now we have a very special deal going on for the SOL Bivvy.

Normally you could get this on our store for a great price. But when you follow this link or click any of the banners throughout this message or displayed on the side you’ll get the SOL Bivvy and bonus survival tools at a great price.

Of course this offer won’t last long so I suggest you take advantage of it now.

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