5 Weird Ways To Get Water

5 Weird Ways To Get Water

As preppers, we prepare for disaster, which often entails learning about new, weird ways to get water in order to survive a crisis.

After all, when SHTF, you may not wind up in an area that’s close to a body of water. You also may not end up in a situation where you can depend on your long-term water storage for survival.

As such, it’s important to understand how to get water from as many places as possible so that, even if your water storage runs out, you can avoid dehydration and even death.

We’ve got a lot to talk about, so here’s some tips on:

5 Weird Ways To Get Water

1 – Fog Harvesting Method

You can use this method with either foggy or rainy conditions. Simply tie a tarp or plastic sheet to a tree, and lead the bottom edge into a bucket (make sure the entire bottom of the sheet gets into the bucket).

The fog/rain will catch onto the tarp, and then slide down into the bucket, giving you water. You’ll probably want to purify the water, especially if the tarp isn’t extremely clean, but it’s a good resource in a pinch.

Here’s a quick video of a survivalist using this tactic; he’s a bit hard to hear with the wind, but you’ll get the idea.

2 – The Tree Method:

Clean drinking water can be yours if you’ve got plastic bags, paracord or rope, lots of sunshine, and a bunch of leafy plants/trees around. Simply push the end of the leafy branch inside of the bag (don’t let it rip!) and tie it around the branch.

Note: If you’ve run out of paracord or rope, we can help stock you up.


Black paracord


yellow rope

Wait a few hours (maybe seven or so, depending on the amount of daylight left), and you’ll come back to find water collecting in your bag. Use this method with multiple bags at a time for the greatest output.

3 – The Tank Method:

This is a great method to use if you’re bugging in in an emergency.

Few preppers realize that, because gallons and gallons of water flow through our pipes every day, we can actually use this to our advantage for survival.

Water collects in the pipes within your walls, even if the water is shut off. You’ve also got water in your toilet tank and water heater. You can use this water to filter and drink in a crisis.

Note: To get out the water from the pipes in your walls, you can open the tap from the highest part of your home, and let gravity pull the water out the bottom taps.

4 – The Rooftop Method:

Many manufacturing facilities store water on their roofs in case of fire. When SHTF and you’re in a life or death situation, it might be a good idea to get to the roof of such a building and collect this water for survival.

You could carry it in one of these awesome 2 gallon water storage bags.

water bag

5 – The Solar Still Method

If you’re in the bush and you’ve got nothing but dry, crusty soil all around you, you can still get fresh water. All you need is a shovel, some plants, a large piece of plastic sheeting, the sun’s heat, and some salt water. These little resources can help you create what’s known as a “solar still.”

Note: We’ve got a badass M48 tactical shovel (ideal for wilderness survival) that you can use for this. Comes to a dangerously sharp point, and has a serrated edge for sawing. Great for self-defense!

Now watch this cool video to see how this “solar still method” is done:

As we all (should) know, humans can live for a maximum of three days without clean drinking water; that’s why it’s so important to have water on you as much as possible to avoid dehydration.

We want you to be prepared as much as possible when SHTF; that’s why we’ve got this awesome H20 Survival Kit. It includes a bottle of 50 water purifying tablets, as well as 6 individual pouches of clean, pure drinking water.

With these tablets, you can purify up to six gallons of bacteria-filled water. The water pouches can be rationed out so that you have a constant supply throughout each day.

An empty water pouch can also be reused as a measuring scoop to help ensure you’re using the correct water-to-purification tablet ratio (4 scoops of water + 1 tablet = 16 oz. pure water).

The tablets and pouches combined will give you a total of 6.5 gallons of drinkable water, right at your fingertips. Considering that humans, on average, need at least one gallon of water per day, that’s six days of drinking water for one person (or three days for two).

That’s six additional days of clear thinking, added energy, and additional time to find more water. In a survival situation, six days could easily be the difference between life and death.

The fact is you can’t afford to go without pure drinking water, and you definitely can’t afford to go without a lightweight, compact and portable system to make dirty water drinkable.

Do yourself a favor and stock up with these water survival kits today (and make sure to grab one for your partner, too). When SHTF this is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself to not only survive, but thrive in a crisis.

Water survival kit

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