7 Wild Berries Essential For Survival

7 Wild Berries Essential For Survival

It might not seem like a big deal right now, but knowing about the wild berries essential for survival could prove to be incredibly helpful if you wind up in a desperate situation.

It’s always an excellent idea to store up food to prepare for any survival situation – it’s smart prepping, and helps ensure you’re equipped for the unexpected.

But what happens if you and your family find yourselves in a situation where that precious amount of food you’ve been storing up, and that survival garden you’ve painstakingly maintained…were nowhere to be found?

No food cans, no survival garden, no emergency food supply in sight. What will you do then?

These types of scenarios happen more often than most people like to think. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare in advance by understanding some of the basic principles of identifying which berries to eat in the wilderness.

That way, when you’re scavenging for food in the wild, you’ll know which berries are safe and edible, and which will likely poison you (so yeah…pretty important stuff).

7 Wild Berries Essential For Survival

Whether you’re on a familiar hike or are stranded in the wilderness, it’s crucial to find safe plants to eat outdoors.

First off, here’s a video about cool ways to help remember which berries are edible and which are poisonous:

Now Let’s Go Over Popular Wild Berries Essential For Survival

1 – Muscadine


Muscadine are essentially wild grapes. Though they have a tough skin, and are full of large seeds, the flesh itself is delicious and every bit worth the effort.

These tasty morsels are found growing in the southern U.S. on tree-hanging vines. Eat when the grapes are purple and ripe, and you won’t be sorry.

2 – Chokeberries


Despite the intimidating name, chokeberries are actually edible and even tasty. These can be found in swamps in eastern North America, and are typically red, black, or purple in color.

Caution: they’ll make your mouth pucker!

3 – Honeysuckle Berries

Honeysuckle Berries
Honeysuckle berries are basically a treasure trove of flavor. They’ve been sighted in locations in the Northern Hemisphere, such as China, Europe, India and North America.

These berries not only bloom sweet and fragrant flowers (typically white or yellow), but you can also suck honey from the flowers in the springtime. In fall, the red and orange berries begin to grow on the vine (which are also edible).

4 – Barberries


Barberries are aptly named for their long, thin appearance (much like a bar) and are grown on thorny shrubs along the Canadian border and in Europe. The thorns make them a pain to gather, and their incredibly sour taste keep many people from trying.

However, the berries are high in pectin, making them ideal ingredients in jams and jellies.

5 – Pyracantha Berries

Pyracantha Berries

These berries are edible and fine for you (as long as they’re not eaten in large amounts), but watch out – the thorns around these berries may cause a bothersome rash.

These “Fire Thorn” berries grow in clusters on evergreen shrubs in Europe and Asia, and are orange-red and yellow in color.

6 – Cloudberries


Cloudberries, said to look like “golden-yellow raspberries,” are very tart when raw and are excellent when made into sweetened jam. Many people find the tartness to be an acquired taste.

Their bright color is very easily seen, as it typically is found in the tundra of Scandinavia, Siberia and parts of Canada.

7 – Salmonberries


These tasty berries look more like a raspberry than anything else. Native to the west coast of North America, these delicacies grow in damp, coastal forests on trees.

They produce pink flowers, and are usually ripe between June and July. They are most often eaten raw or made into jams, jellies, pies and candy.

Weird Way Playing Cards & Berries Are Perfect For Survival

Like I said earlier, there are certain situations, like having to forage for berries in the wilderness, that just come out of the blue. The fact is, there are just certain scenarios that life throws at you that you simply can’t prepare for….or can you?

Let me introduce you to one of the most important decks of cards you’ll ever own. Each playing card has a random, unexpected disaster scenario on it, and it’s your job to figure out the best way to escape and/or to survive.

Then, read the fun and informative tips and tricks listed on the card to see if you and your family really are prepared for anything and everything that could happen.

Not only are these cards fun to play with (for both kids and adults), but they also teach irreplaceable knowledge that may just save your life (or your child’s life) one day – and that safety and comfort is worth every penny.

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